Questions Answered

What software and custom programming does WaudWare write and support? 

We engineer and create peer to peer, client-server, and web based applications and solutions for business. If you’re entering data more than once – consider custom programming for speed, accuracy, and flexibility in data management, especially if you are part of the fresh produce industry where operating variables present unique challenges, for example traceability and real-world costing.

The best example of custom software is our flagship product, Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software, Web Based Produce Inventory Control System (WebPICS) software, and other process improving components, like Em/Fx – our email and fax broadcast system. 

We’ve written many custom applications over the years. Head on over to Case Studies to learn more about how WaudWare has helped other companies in the fresh produce industry. 

Do you have more questions about WaudWare's Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) and Web-based Produce Inventory Control System (WebPICS) software? Find more answers on our blog. You'll also find ways to improve your business, and the latest enhancements we have made to PICS. When was the last time your current solution provided all that support? Talk to us today.

What is Visual FoxPro and why does WaudWare use it?

Visual FoxPro (VFP) software provides us with a superior set of robust tools for building database applications, resulting in software that is stable, flexible and easy to use.

Who does WaudWare work with to produce custom applications?

Developing custom applications is a collaborative partnership and as such, we work closely with I.T. Managers and other VFP developers to assist in the development of fresh new solutions to age old problems and everything on the bleeding edge that keeps business owners in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry awake at night.

How much experience does WaudWare have in writing custom software?

Our senior partners have worked in all versions of Fox and Visual Fox over the past 20 years, from foxBASE+ through Visual FoxPro 9. They regularly attend VFP technical conferences, are committed to professional development through continuous learning and are constantly working with other industry experts to come up with better ways to solve problems.

What tools does WaudWare use?

  • Acrobat
  • Amyuni PDF Converter
  • CodeBook
  • L7
  • Microsoft Office and MSOffice Automation (using com)
  • Mere Mortals
  • Mind’s Eye
  • Stonefield Database Toolkit (SDT)
  • Visual FoxExpress (VFE)
  • Visual Maxframe Professional (VMP)
  • Stonefield App-Maker
  • West Wind Web Connection

How does a business owner know when it’s time to investigate custom software?

It’s time to investigate when (a) you can’t find software that does exactly what you want it to or (b) you’re entering data more than once – anywhere (c) when you're trying to manage your business on multiple spreadsheets.

How much does custom programming cost?

That depends on the unique needs of the customer. Sure, custom software costs money… and every minute you and your team spends entering, re-entering data, duplicating effort and/or dealing with outdated software probably costs more. Think about the profitability and productivity of your business. We’ll help you figure out what your ROI is. Don’t wait. Talk to us!

Why WaudWare for custom programming solutions?

It’s our creative thinking, experience and an interest in long term relationships that customers rave about. We also provide something that is highly valued in business today … peace of mind. To learn how WaudWare creates innovative software solutions you can trust, contact us today