Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Software - Testimonials

"Our company has been using PICS for almost 20 years and feel its an important part of our fresh produce business, especially for its accounting. With the growth of our organization, PICS has proven invaluable. WaudWare management and staff have always provided excellent customer support when needed. We would definitely recommend PICS!" Anonymous PICS User

"We are very thankful for your graciousness and that you take our business to heart the way you do. Thanks for the partnership." David Walczak, Eden Valley Growers, Inc.

"Throughout the years Sarnia Produce has become the leading supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables in the Lambton County area. The company services numerous restaurants, stores, institutions, franchises, casinos and other related businesses in the area. It has achieved a customer base of over 400 accounts with more being added yearly.

Truckloads of fresh produce arrive daily ensuring that our customers receive the best possible product with a huge selection to choose from. Our warehouse offers four climate controlled refrigerated coolers allowing optimum storage to maintain freshness. Inventory is constantly rotated and turned over while carefully being monitored by our expert staff. If it’s not fresh we won't ship it out! We are currently incorporating new inventory software, PICS (Produce Inventory Control System) created by WaudWare which is specifically designed for the produce industry. This will allow us to oversee all incoming and outgoing produce even more precisely." Dean Troiani, Sarnia Produce Inc.

"I have become quite comfortable and familiar with your program now and things are running smoothly. I would like to thank you both for your patience and professionalism. I look forward to the new year now that everything is in place." Steve Moffat, North American Produce Buyers

"Whenever we have a problem, or a new programming change that we want done in a hurry, WaudWare's response is fast. We are very happy with their response time." Steve Bamford, Fresh Advancements

"In our produce wholesale distribution business, we require both systems and system support that are fast. WaudWare, as a critical member of our team, has been providing both of these needs for many years. We are delighted with their products and services, and recommend them very highly. We are very satisfied with the results!" Richard Chisholme, Chiovitti Banana

"North American Produce has been using PICS from WaudWare since 2001. Steve Moffat (our controller) tells me that he is very happy with the software and the tech support. In my business, whenever we have trouble with a vendor, I get involved. Since I have never been actively involved with WaudWare, I believe they are doing a great job.” Howard Davidson, North American Produce Buyers

“Having gone through an absolute nightmare with Accpac and Epos, we cannot be happier with WaudWare. The entire installation process and training was extremely well done. We are also very happy with support and the timely response to our problems.” Erin Lococo, Lococo’s Fruit & Vegetables