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News Release:
GrubMarket Expands Further into Canada through the Acquisition of Food Supply Chain Software Provider WaudWare [April 2022]
Produce Business Magazine: Technology Can Simplify a Complex Produce World [February 2022]

OPMA Webinar: 
Technology Solutions for Produce Traceability featuring F. Charles Waud [August 2021]
OPMA Fresh Expressions / Member Spotlight:
Complete Traceability at a Glance by WaudWare [March 2021]

F. Charles Waud presents Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software as part of
PMA’s Traceability Solutions Webinar [June 25, 2020]

News Release:
WaudWare Announces Strategic Partnership with CIS - Continuous Improvement Software

Produce Business Magazine:
Distribution Software Could Change Everything
News Release:
Introducing NEW! PICS Help Online!

News Release:
4-Day Volunteer Project with the Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters
News Release: New! Automatic Exchange Rate Changes in PICS
News Release: Bank Reconciliation Module in PICS is Ready to Go!

Produce Business Magazine
: Produce Distribution is Entering the Information Age
Produce Business Magazine: Traceability Remains a Complex Challenge
The Grower
: WaudWare Adds New Feature to PICS Software for Food Safety Act Compliance 
The Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute: Achieving What's Possible for Canada's Agri Food Sector

The Grower
: Analysis of Inventory Sharpens Sales - PICS in a Box
Produce Business Magazine: Smartphones and Tablets Drive Changes in Distribution Software

Brampton Board of Trade "Trade Talks News"
: WaudWare Celebrates 25 Years!
The Produce News Canada Reports "WaudWare's Expertise in Traceability Drives Growth"
An Open Letter to Industry Canada on The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act, by F. Charles Waud, President of WaudWare Incorporated
My Fresh Produce Company Business Plan: (comprehensive template written by WaudWare, creators of Produce Inventory Control System (PICS)
Enhancements to Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA): Destination Inspection Service (DIS)

Industry Best Practices CBSA Import Requirements and Produce Examinations
Voice Pick Code: A simple solution to the ‘Milestone 7’ problem
The Produce News – WaudWare on Top of New Case Labeling Requirements
OPMA Welcomes New Directors

News Release: New WaudWare Strategic Partner - OCR Canada - April 2013

Latest Report: Forging Stronger Links: Traceability and the Canadian Food Supply Chain, published by Conference Board of Canada - November 2012
Brampton and Area Community Foundation 2011/2012 Annual Report

WaudWare Invitational Golf Tournament Acknowledged by BACF

Blueprints Journal: Applied Technology – Software for the Big Picture
Fresh Fest: Inaugural Fresh Fest Event Attracts Thousands
Produce Business Magazine: Keeping Up Momentum in Produce Efficiency
The Produce News – WaudWare Talks About Traceability and Technology Systems

A thank you from Ingrid, Mark, Jade and Eve Nicholls
Brampton and Area Community Foundation 2010/2011 Annual Report
Brampton Guardian: Local Man New Produce Director
F. Charles Waud Appointed Director of The Ontario Produce Marketing Association
Produce Business Magazine: Inventory Software Does It With Speed And Accuracy
Presentation by WaudWare president, F. Charles Waud at Food Safety Seminar hosted by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Charles Who: Honouring Brampton Board of Trade President, F. Charles Waud
OPMA Member Notice: New Import Requirements - as of December 1, 2010 - for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Canadian Food Inspection Agency: Changes to Import Data Requirements Effective December 1, 2010
Is Social Media a Big-Time Time Sucker?
Albert Streef and The Grower: Customized Computer Software Traces Produce From Field to Commission House
Update to the Produce Traceability Initiative...
Brampton Board of Trade – Trade Talks: Who Knew?
Brampton Board of Trade – Trade Talks: You get more with sugar than with salt
Master the Produce Traceability Initiative with WaudWare and OCR
The Produce News – Industry Viewpoint from F. Charles Waud on Traceability
The Produce News – WaudWare and New York Produce Trade Association: Working Together to Help Members Reduce Risk
Brampton Board of Trade - Trade Talks: The economy is firing on all cylinders again - are you feelin' it?
Brampton Board of Trade - Trade Talks: PMH, International Trade, Convention Centre- there is much going on in Brampton
Traceability in the Produce Industry: How Much is Enough?
How Social Media Savvy Are You? PMA Gold Circle - Thank You for Your Support
Brampton Board of Trade – Trade Talks: BBOT Perfect Storm
Brampton Board of Trade – Trade Talks: Turning Green Into Gold
Brampton Business Times: Waud up to the task of reforming BBOT
The Canadian Business Journal (excerpt): City of Brampton - Open for Business - with commentary from F. Charles Waud, Brampton Board of Trade President
The Paperless Office: Dream or Reality?
The Packer: Handling & Distributing - WaudWare software meets fifth milestone of PTI

Rogers Television – In Business – Interview with F. Charles Waud (Part I)
Rogers Television – In Business – Interview with F. Charles Waud (Part II)
WaudWare announces Achievement of Milestone 5 of the PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative): "Encode Information in a Barcode"
Brampton Board of Trade - Trade Talks: The long awaited, highly publicized "410 Highway to Glory"...
Brampton Board of Trade – Trade Talks: The Power of The Brampton Board of Trade Network
Secrets to Being a Big Fish: Solve Problems and Add Value with Custom Programming Solutions
BluePrints Applied Technology: Made for Mobility
Brampton Board of Trade – Trade Talks: The Power of the Chamber Network works for BBOT Members
GS1 Announces Release of a Global Traceability Implementation Guide for Traceability of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Brampton Business Times: Harmonized Sales Tax Are Web Content Management Systems Everything They're Cracked Up To Be?
SNAP Brampton: WaudWare Invitational '09 Golf Tournament
Wireless Internet Access now available at Gilligan's Restaurant in Leamington
The Produce News: Industry Viewpoint on Process Improvements
Brampton Board of Trade – Trade Talks: HST – Friend or Foe of Business?
Brampton Business Times - Charles Waud Takes Charge
The Brampton Guardian - Charles Waud: New Brampton Board of Trade President Takes the Helm July 1
Jewish National Fund of Canada Thanks WaudWare for Support CPMA - Process Improvements for Profitability and Safety
Keyboard Shortcuts that Save – Big Time! Missing Something?
The Taming of the (e-mail) Shrew

FPA and WaudWare Unveil Revolutionary Wholesale Market Prices
Looking for Real-Time Synchronization on Your Blackberry?
The Two Minute Delay That Could Save Your Life!
The Two Minute Delay... Part Two Backing Up Your Data: Five Things You Need to Know!

OPMA Fresh Expressions: One Up One Down Traceability
Tech Tip: The Two Minute Delay That Could Save Your Life!
WaudWare Releases New Production Module
PB Magazine: Computer Software - Revolutionizing Foodservice
Food Safety: One-Up One-Down Traceability
Special Report: Food Safety
PB Magazine: Software Targets a Safer Food Supply
OPMA Fresh Expressions: RFID and the Produce Industry
Brampton News: WaudWare Expands into U.S.
Free Veggies to Food Bank

New York Business Press Release
PB Magazine: Distribution Software - Discoveries & Innovations

BBOT Trade Talks: Where Are You on the Innovation Adoption Curve?

BBOT Announces Website That Embraces Cultural Diversity Thanks to WaudWare

WaudWare Wins Business Achievement Award

Exciting Announcement from WaudWare: VPICS Broadcast
WaudWare Needs More Space!
Reasons I Joined The Brampton Board of Trade
The Power of Data Driven Websites
BBOT: WaudWare Named Small Business of the Month
Thanks from the City of Brampton
The Brampton Board of Trade Letter

Discover Today's Alternative to Brokerage Fees
BBOT: Small But Efficient: That's the Waud Way